Modular in design, Sofa Sides can be clicked-in to any Sofa Module, to add more and more comfort and coziness. A single Sofa Module could logically have anywhere from one to three sides. But we won't stop you if you want to create a giant sofa daybed with 10 Modules and 20 Sides - the possibilities are nearly endless.
Modular in design, vetsak® Sofa Modules can be put together in a bazillion different ways. Mix & match fabrics and sizes, and click-in additional Modules and Sides to maximize Sofa. Extra Modules and Sides are available for purchase. Pile on accessories like Jumbo Pillow and Noodle for the most comfy lounging experience possible. Four Modules can become a sofa, an oversized lounge area, two separate sofas, a daybed with a separate cushy island to put your feet up on or throw books on, etc. Don't worry, you can always add more modules and change the arrangement, colors and covers as your life changes and grows. Sofa is made of super light and unbelievably durable EPP. Never heard of it? That's because you won't find it in any other sofa. Our patented SOFA technology comes in two forms, which click together easily, so you'll be sitting happy in no time. The sturdy frame is then layered with a thick, high-quality foam pad, surrounded by carefully & individually filled foam pockets.
Simply pull-over the one-of-a-kind, super soft, high-quality Cord Cover to complete the look. vetsak® Cord Velour Covers are available in a number of timeless tones and are exchangeable, machine washable and designed with quality in mind, to accompany you through the years.
Did we mention that Sofa is extremely simple to setup in a just a few easy steps or that it arrives in a box, on your doorstep, in under a week?

> Super Comfortable, One-of-a-Kind Modular Sofa
> Light, Easy-to-Construct, Clickable Form out of Durable EPP Technology
> One-of-a-Kind, Durable & Long-lasting, High-Quality Cord Velour Textiles
> Machine Washable, Exchangeable Covers
> Handmade, Ethically Produced & 100% Vegan
> Made in the EU

Technical Details

ca. L105 x B31,5 x H60 cm

9,80 kg pure Liebe

Maschinenwaschbar bei 30 Grad Celsius
100% Polyester-Stoff aus recycelten PET-Flaschen
80% Polyester / 20% Baumwolle