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vetsak's all new accessories were specially designed for vetsak products to add additional comfort to your sitting experience. Made of the same cover materials used by vetsak furniture, these extras perfectly complement the vetsak furniture collection. Optimally rest your feet on the all new FootSak, exclusively designed by Ryan Buda.

Stability and comfort for your whole body, the FootSak add-on completes the vetsak luxury lounging experience. Choose from vetsak's variety of soft Corduroy fabrics to create a unique look perfectly matching your style.

Design by Ryan Buda in Cape Town


vetsak Cord Velours

Luxurious Corduroy, the fabric of the king, has been a long-standing example in the industry of elegance, quality and durability since the 18th century. Using only the finest materials, the vetsak collection of hand-selected Cord Velour fabrics come in a variety of rich, decadent colours. The creamy, velvety texture is not only incredibly soft, but also impressively strong. Each cushy, premium full-cord rib holds the light, creating a smooth surface, perfect for lounging around.

  • Made with love and: Outer Fabric 98% Polyester 2% Other
    Backing 80% Polyester 20% Cotton
  • Martindale: 30.000 Martindale Rubs
  • Weight: 510 g/m²
  • Care: Machine washable at 30°c



Unparallelled standards on quality, combined and with years of experience, gives us the rare opportunity to achieve what many have tried before but failed to attain -- the optimal sitting experience. With our brand new, revolutionary Hybrid Memory Foam filling, vetsak has created the next generation of sustainable beanbags. Softer, finer and more buoyant than ever before. No rustling beads, no loss of volume and no clumping. The new improved hybrid memory foam adapts flexibly to any body and reaches new, unprecedented, dimensions in comfort.

The secret is in the mixing ratio of high-quality foam-flakes in various strength foams, which has been continuously optimized through extensive testing methods. The result is a perfectly balanced ratio, which offers a remarkably noticeable increase in comfort. Here at vetsak, we don't take our filling lightly. We set our standards high, and are continuously working to improve your sitting experience.

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