• If you order from our website, the delivery takes about 1-3 days within Germany. Delivery to all other EU countries takes about 3-5 days. Please check your payment terms, because we can only send the products if they have been paid in advance. You will receive a DHL tracking code as soon as your order is shipped. More information about the delivery here.

    • We deliver to all EU countries with free shipping. Please get in touch with us if you would like to order a vetsak to a non EU country. We use DHL Package International for our parcel. We can arrange shipping and customs and will let you know in advance of your order the total costs.More information about the delivery here.

    • Your vetsak is delivered vacuum packed. The vetsak will arrive in a special Duffel bag with the size 120cm x 60cm x 60cm and weighs between 18KG and 30KG. It will be delivered by your normal DHL driver. More information about the delivery here.

      vetsak Sitzsack verpackung
    • No, our packaging doesn't fit into DHL pack stations. 

    • The FS600 weighs incl. packing between 23-26 kg. The FS1000 weighs incl. packing between 26-30 kg.

    • You need the original packaging, our bag and a standard household vacuum cleaner. You don't have the original packing? No problem, you can reorder the original packing on our homepage. (Download Link zu Retoureinleitung neu) If you have any problems, please call our customer service for help.

    • You can pay with Credit Card via Paypal, or use your PayPal account to pay directly. You can also transfer the amount with a EU SEPA transaction. This might delay your order shortly. More information about payment here.

    • Yes. Your vetsak cover is machine washable at 30 ̊c (cold wash). We recommend air drying your cover inside out. It can be tumble dried on a low heat setting in order make the fabric super soft again.

    • Yes, simply check our website for „covers“. All covers are available on our website.

    • vetsak's are filled with the highest grade virgin polyurethane foam, which is chipped in our own factory to ensure its quality. The Foam is made in Germany and is certified with a „textile certificate class 100“. Foam assure long lasting comfort. The foam is the best option for children and babies on the market.

    • Yes, to a degree. The inner bag does have a zip. Should your bag need more foam for any reason, we can supply extra foam free of charge as a service we offer all customers. Should you need to take some out if the bag is too firm, you can remove some foam, but please keep the foam ,as often too much is removed. A little extra foam can make a big difference.

    • We vacuum all the air from the vetsak for transport and delivery. This means your foam needs to return to its original size once you’ve opened the bag. This should only take 2 or 3 days but can take a little longer so please just be patient. Fluffing up your vetsak can help a lot to reach its correct size and volume.

    • NO! Please do not leave your vetsak in the rain. Even our Outdoor bags should avoid heavy rain. We fill these bags with foam which makes them extremely comfortable, but like a sponge they will soak up water. If your vetsak got wet or even very wet it is no big problem if you react correctly. Remove your cover and hang it up to dry Then place your vetsak in the sun or in a warm room and let it dry of until it is sure that the inside is perfectly dry.

    • vetsak’s are designed to last for 10-15years at least. We use the highest quality foam and fabric to ensure ultimate comfort. vetsak was originated in 2007 and our first sold bags are still looking good, so we can guarantee your vetsak will last for 5 years but anything after that is probably up to your own care of the vetsak.